Team Building

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
– Henry Ford

Is your organization made up of cooperative teams that understand the importance of working together toward a common goal? Do your team members recognize and act upon proper ways of being together? If not, you’ve probably already begun to notice the negative effects that poorly functioning teams can have on an organization.

At The Circle Center, we use our professional knowledge and experience to provide your organization with the building blocks it needs for creating effective, collaborative teams. Our basic methodology is outlined in the sections below.

We challenge the traditional approach to Team-building.

To us, it has always seemed strange to think of a Team-building exercise as part of a meeting’s “agenda.” It seems that one day, someone decided that the only thing an organization needs to do to build effective teams is to plan a day trip to a local park or set aside an hour or so do to a “trust fall” in a stuffy conference room. While these activities may have some value, we hope you’ll agree when we say that they are missing the point. Building trust among a group of professionals is not an ‘event’ in any sense of the word. It is not something to be scheduled, haphazardly completed and ticked off your to-do list. If you’ve interacted with consultants claiming the ability to establish complete trust among your team members in just a couple of meetings, we openly encourage your skepticism.

We spend time working to build real trust between team members.

So rather than orchestrating a “trust fall” and calling it a day, we invite you to see things from our perspective. Your organization’s commitment to becoming a truly trusting community should be considered a path, one filled with intentional conversations and planned interactions. Our facilitators will show you that by setting realistic expectations, you give your team members the chance to make measurable progress. Our Circle Process is designed specifically for bringing about tangible, durable results with respect to building trust among the members of your organization.

We focus on demonstrating the importance of authentic communication.

From our experience, breakdowns in communication are often at the root of poorly functioning teams. And when your leaders do not understand how to detect and eliminate these breakdowns, your organization is destined to suffer the consequences.

Consider this IDC research finding: Every year, businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom are losing an estimated $37 billion as a direct result of employee misunderstanding. So the next time you’re told that communication is a “soft skill” and therefore not worthy of an investment of time and resources, we hope you’ll have something to say.

Since we absolutely love talking with others about how our Team-building service works across several different industries and in both small and large groups, please contact us today. The future of your organization just may depend on it.