Succession Planning

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.
African Proverb

Is your organization prepared for the unexpected loss of a quality leader or valuable professional? What is your organization doing to foster a compelling and positive culture that supports the retention of good employees and supporters? What are you doing to build your next generation of leaders and overall “bench strength” of your organization?

If the answer to these questions is “I don’t know” or “not much”, your organization could benefit from some skilled and thoughtful guidance on Succession Planning. Whether your organization suffers from an inability to develop and keep strong leaders or simply struggles with employee commitment and turnover costs, you stand much to gain from considering the potential benefits of a measurable and sustainable Succession Plan. At The Circle Center, we know that Succession Planning is most effective when it accomplishes these important goals:

  • Prepares your team members for new roles by providing both critical development experiences and strategic and general mentoring processes;
  • Addresses systemic and prevalent organizational issues that contribute to workforce attrition and turnover;
  • Fosters a culture of collaboration, opportunity and inclusion that turns the reputation of your organization’s work environment into one of your biggest recruitment tools;
  • Creates sustainable structures within your organization enabling you to facilitate these development experiences on your own, without the help of an outside organization.

Put your leaders and team-members on a path of both personal and organizational success

In our line of work, we are fortunate to interact closely with leaders and professionals in a great number of industries. If these interactions have taught us anything, it’s that most leaders at the top of their game face a common problem: there is no beaten path to follow toward becoming an optimal leader. However, we are here to show you that there are certainly some commonalities among the truly successful. A strategic investment of time and resources into workplace culture (not just a few “high potentials”) is a noteworthy trait among the top performing organizations. Inclusive opportunities for growth and contribution lead to greater diversity in leadership, improved outcomes, higher quality products and services, and reduced turnover.

The Circle Center helps leaders establish and follow a clear path with regard to maintaining workforce and organizational success. We help team leaders transcend constantly changing market paradigms by offering guidance as well as skill development for managers and leaders. In this way, succession planning and development becomes an integral part of how they lead.  We also help organizations develop a mentoring culture where knowledge and skills are shared. We help your organization promote the idea that mentoring not only expected, but also viewed as a sign of management and leadership potential. The Circle Center helps organizations and their leaders design successful mentoring programs that become a durable part of your organization’s culture.

 Use intention to promote and develop your team members 

The development of committed, forward-thinking and agile professional never happens by accident. We’ve seen what can happen when organizations fail to acknowledge the importance of planning for the future of its leadership.  The businesses and organizations that thrive are those that intentionally understand the personal and professional goals of their team members. Once these goals are defined, opportunities can be created for their achievement and the overall success of the organization.

To help your organization avoid the all-too-common disaster resulting from lack of foresight, we work to make sure your managers are ready to invest in themselves. We focus on creating a present and collaborative leader, and we simply cannot overstate the importance of this endeavor. The presence-oriented leader utilizes self-reflection, observation and meaningful dialogue to evaluate issues and implement durable solutions that will stand the test of time. These skills will support them and, when modeled throughout the organization, create a culture that is better able to weather any storm. The Circle Center has years of experience developing confident, present leaders and can help you and your organization do the same.

Invest in your organizational culture

Does your organization have difficulty identifying leadership potential among its members? Could you and your team members benefit from a more collaborative and generative workplace culture?  If so, you’re not alone. Traditional management training programs rarely provide tools and experiences that create lasting positive impacts or shifts in organizational culture. If you like the idea of transforming your workplace environment and culture, but you think the process will take decades before producing tangible results, think again. The Circle Center provides skillful consulting, coaching and facilitation services designed to have an immediate and durable impact on your leaders and culture. Future leaders leave our trainings feeling prepared, renewed and excited about their contributions to your organization.  We share in your excitement over securing and maintaining a brighter future for your organization.

Contact us today to find out more about how The Circle Center can partner with you in your goal of implementing a successful Succession Planning and development program.