Stress Reduction

“Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.”
– Dr. Seuss , Oh The Places You’ll Go

You already know that stress in the workplace contributes to agitation, disorganization, and low energy levels among team members. You may have even experienced one of the many physical symptoms that stressed employees often display- among them headaches, tense muscles, upset stomach, frequent colds, and insomnia. But did you know that approximately one million Americans must call out of work each day due to stress-related issues?

For both the over-stressed employees and their respective organizations, this is an enormous problem. At the Circle Center, we think that our Stress Reduction service is one of the most vital contributions we can make to your organization. We routinely succeed in helping organizations train their leaders in effective stress reduction tactics.

But how do we do it? It’s simple, really. We do it by…

Creating honest support systems

If you’ve read our mission statement, you know that one of The Circle Center’s primary aims is to facilitate and sustain meaningful dialogues among colleagues and their managers. We believe that opening the lines of communication between teammates and team leaders is one of the first important steps toward the creation of collaborative workplaces. Over and over, we’ve watched as participants, feeling empowered by respect shown to them in structured communication exercises, develop and voice their own ideas for reducing stress in their specific work environments.

Teaching empathy in Circle

When harmful stress levels are present, something else is usually at work: an individual’s feeling that others do not or will not understand his position in a given situation. For example, it often happens that important deadlines approach at the same time that an individual experiences a major life change. If that individual feels that her team members either do not or will not understand how the personal life event may affect her performance, she is likely to become quite stressed- both at home and in the workplace. Her performance and mood will suffer, and she will become more likely to call out of work, miss the important deadline, and even become ill.

If, however, the same individual felt that she was understood by those around her and that her team members were likely to empathize with her, something entirely different would transpire. Knowing that her colleagues stood ready to support her in the face of a challenge, her professional and personal responsibilities would seem much more manageable. Her stress levels would remain intact, and she could work and lead with confidence.

Implementing lasting plans of action

It doesn’t take a professional to facilitate a relatively effective stress-reduction activity. But what good is a one-day retreat or an isolated meditation session if the results last only as long as the next incoming phone call? Our experienced facilitators know how to implement Stress Reduction techniques durable enough to withstand the seemingly endless influx of emails, customer phone calls and approaching deadlines that make up a part of your team members’ work days. We show your leaders how to develop healthy, stress-reducing habits that are transferrable across every management level. Heightened stress related to both personal and professional pressures are alleviated, and your workplace is transformed into a healthier, happier place to be.

If you feel that your organization and its members suffer from unhealthy stress levels, contact us today. Our Stress Reduction service can be tailored to both individuals and groups of any size.