Diversity & Inclusion

Insight, I believe, refers to the depth of understanding that comes by setting experiences,
yours and mine, familiar and exotic,new and old, side by side,
learning by letting them speak to one another.

-Mary Catherine Bateson

What value does your organization place on developing a diverse and inclusive work culture?  Have you considered the many benefits of promoting cognitive diversity and open communication at your organization? Or, on the other hand, have you considered the costs such as turnover, reduced decision-making quality, lost opportunity and workplace error, that occur when a workplace culture is not inclusive and collaborative?

Recent national and international studies clearly evidence that organizations which are intentional about the topics of diversity and inclusion easily outperform similar organizations, both financially and otherwise. The Circle Center works with organizations of all sizes and industries to develop inclusive and collaborative work teams so your employees and supporters enjoy a healthy work culture. We make sure your organization excels in ways only possible where there is rich cognitive diversity and leadership.

Encourage cognitive diversity

 Successful and innovative organizations understand the benefits of encouraging collaboration of men and women of all races, nationalities, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs and other backgrounds and ideologies. We carve out and skillfully facilitate opportunities for diverse employees and leaders to share their backgrounds and perspectives. As a result, mutual respect is created and valuable insights are gained by your organization. Processes and products improve, and better messaging is created both internally and externally. When cognitive diversity is achieved, your organization can enjoy greater employee commitment, improved client/customer loyalty and much, much more.

Supporting and maintaining cognitive diversity takes time and intention. But when it is achieved, your organization is better able to capitalize on the great number of advantages of bringing together people of varying perspectives and intelligences. The Circle Center partners with you and your organization’s leaders to better understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion and learn how to promote them in the workplace.

Make smarter decisions 

Over the last several decades, organizations across the world have taken huge strides toward promoting valuable workplace diversity. These efforts are a direct reflection of the empirical research indicating that heterogeneous (diverse) teams are much more creative and innovative than homogeneous ones (teams where all members are of the same race, gender, background, etc.).  The Circle Center provides safe and supportive team environments where participants connect and build mutual respect. Differing backgrounds and perspectives offer the chance to build a deep appreciation for the benefits of weaving inclusivity into the decision-making processes in an organization.

We use the Circle Process to create empowering opportunities for professionals to both be heard and to listen to varying viewpoints. This cultivates more open thought processes, creativity, innovation and a higher ability to think and work outside one’s own proverbial “comfort zone.” Our unique approach to team facilitation helps your organization tap the deep well of experience and expertise that already exists among your team members. By helping your organization’s members bring their full potential and voice to the dialogue and decision-making processes, everyone wins.

Globalize gracefully

Even if your business operates exclusively in the United States, there is little doubt about whether or not rapid globalization will ultimately affect your organization. At the Circle Center, we help you more confidently tackle the challenges often associated with globalization of your workforce.

It has been well documented that many globalized organizations have encountered technological and communicative barriers. But there are also other interpersonal barriers at play: prejudice, discrimination, harassment, ethnocentrism and instances of “backlash” (negative behavior arising out of a perceived loss of power or influence by a particular group of people). All such dynamics are common and predictable phenomena during globalization efforts and must be managed with skill and intention.

The Circle Center will support you during this process by providing training, coaching and consulting services to your leaders. They will become better equipped for an increasingly connected world.  Our Circle facilitators help participants, whether attending in-person or virtually from around the globe, make the most of varying perspectives at all levels of your organization. We show you how to sharpen the skills you need for leading and inspiring diverse teams. Our Inclusive Workplaces service will improve your organization’s decision-making environments by ensuring that it promotes creativity, flexibility and innovation.

Have questions about how our Inclusive Workplaces service will work in your organization? Contact us today.