Conflict Management

Every conflict we face in life is rich with positive and negative potential. It can be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, learning, transformation, and growth–or rage, fear, shame, entrapment, and resistance. The choice is not up to our opponents, but to us,
and our willingness to face and work through them.

– Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith

At the core of The Circle Center, our trained and skilled facilitators help leaders and organizations have important conversations in a good way.  Much of our work has been with organizations experiencing conflict, whether productive or negative, and we partner with these organizations to develop effective, human-centered approaches to resolve conflict, harness its problem-solving potential and build collaborative workplaces. We work toward creating environments which enable managers and organization leaders to spend their time more peacefully and more productively.

Specifically, our facilitators and experts show you and your organization how to:

  • Manage and facilitate group dialogue effectively, countering the potentially negative dynamics of group brainstorming processes;
  • Resolve conflict in the workplace among two or more employees productively and efficiently;
  • Design and implement Conflict Management systems that will support your Conflict Management efforts at both the micro and macro levels of your organization; Minimize the costly impacts of negative conflict on your workforce, reputation and future organizational success; and,
  • Develop Conflict Management competencies that will impact your customer service and train current and future leaders within your organization.

We also show your organization how to…

Use conflict to your advantage

“No pressure, no diamonds.”

Consider the following conclusion drawn in a related Harvard Business Review article:

Conflict within organizations often brings about the sort of positive change
and progress that would have otherwise been impossible.

Accordingly, recent studies show that when people with differing viewpoints come together to resolve an issue, more effective and more durable solutions result. These confirm that without productive conflict, organizations never reach their full potential.

At The Circle Center, we help you to manage and utilize productive conflict while minimizing negative conflict and its costs. By skillfully and intentionally harnessing productive conflict within your organization, we show your leaders how to appreciate the fruits of the Conflict Management process. We make sure that they realize that Conflict Management is a core leadership competency for your organization. Our highly trained and experienced workplace mediators, facilitators and consultants help provide the crucial training you need for managing conflict and using it to your advantage. When we discover unproductive conflict, we provide you and your team with proven techniques to bring about peace and understanding. The result is a more connected, cooperative environment for you and your team members.

Use our effective approach for understanding and managing conflict

In conflict-savvy work cultures, leaders work mindfully to support collaboration, empathy, open communication and other core value commitments crafted by colleagues, leaders, and team members. Our Conflict Management facilitators and consultants  provide innovative and culture-transforming opportunities for professionals in your organization. These opportunities allow them to see that similarities among group members almost always outnumber differences. Our approach focuses on teaching participants to celebrate one another by communicating honestly and openly, often using the Circle Process and, in other instances, utilizing trainings and coaching services.

After participating in our unique Conflict Management exercises, activities and facilitations, participants are often doubly surprised… first by the strong bonds created with their team members, and second by their newfound ability to confidently analyze  and resolve issues collaboratively, incorporating and addressing others’ perspectives and interests. The outcome is an improved workplace environment and a better, more well-rounded result as a whole.

Fight the often devastating costs of conflict

As a manager, business leader, or valued member of an organization, we know how highly you value your time. For just a moment, imagine subtracting up to 42% of your work day and devoting it to avoidable, unproductive conflict. For many, that’s over 3.5 hours gone from every day. Interestingly, a past studies have shown that managers actually do spend, on average, 25-42% of their time dealing with conflict. And more recent studies show that statistic trending closer to 50%.  Can you and your organization afford to allocate over 3.5 hours of your leaders’ work days to avoidable, unproductive conflict? Probably not.

And that’s just the beginning of the long list of conflict costs which can plague organizations. If left unaddressed, these costs can lead to the downfall of an organization, especially since conflict is one of the leading contributors to employee and executive turnover.  Research indicates that it takes 1 ½ to 2 times a trained professional’s salary to replace them.  Costs associated with turnover, shrinkage, employee theft, rising healthcare costs, lost opportunity, and reduced teamwork all contribute to the high price tag of conflict within organizations. At the Circle Center, we have coaches, trainers and workplace mediation consultants who are skilled at helping organizations reduce these costs of conflict and create systems that will minimize these costs in the future.

Channel cognitive diversity productively

“You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note.”

Organizations that manage conflict in a good way are organizations that are nimble and better  prepared for changes in the marketplace.  Team members must understand your organization’s “brand” when it comes to conflict and that they will not experience reprisal or negativity for raising a challenging viewpoint.  If your organization is able to put systems and skills in place to skillfully manage conflict, you will certainly stand out from your competitors.  The Circle Center provides organizations and their leaders with skilled, experienced mediators and conflict management consultants who are ready to coach and train your workforce in Conflict Canagement mastery.  We can help you build customized Conflict Management systems that address the specific needs of your organization while also developing the skills of your leaders for internal and external conflict they will face throughout their careers.

Contact the Circle Center today to find out more about what conflict is costing your organization and how our skilled facilitators and workplace mediation consultants can help.