Coaching & Consulting

If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.

– Chinese Proverb

Coaching as a form of professional and leadership development has become a highly sought after resource by both individuals and organizations seeking the achievement of professional and interpersonal goals.  Whether you are an individual who desires to become a more compelling and effective leader or you are considering a career move in pursuit of more personal fulfillment, working  with an experienced professional development coach can be the guiding support you are seeking.

Coaching provides guidance, encouragement, accountability, quality feedback and a fresh perspective as individuals stretch and grow into more effective people, professionals and organization or community leaders.  We provide experienced and skilled coaches who will partner with you to help you build on your strengths, identify solutions and achieve your goals.

Consider these important questions:

What are individual and professional benefits of coaching?

People seek out coaching for a myriad of reasons- stress reduction, professional development, vocation identification/transition and more.  As Ken Blanchard, author of the famous book The One Minute Manager aptly stated, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We all need these valuable, reflective opportunities to make the necessary course adjustments throughout our lives.
Whether you are pursuing coaching for personal or professional reasons, understand that coaching in one of aspect of your life will definitely impact and transform other parts of your life as well.  A recent national study of Fortune 1000 Companies revealed that professional and leader coaching is valuable for the individual coaching client as well as the larger organizations they serve.

The study found that the coached professionals experienced improvement in the following areas:

  • Working relationships with direct reports (reported by 77% of executives)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Teamwork (67%)
  • Working relationships with peers (63%)
  • Job satisfaction (61%)
  • Conflict reduction (52%)
  • Organizational commitment (44%)
  • Working relationships with clients (37%)

What is the organizational Return on Investment (ROI)?

It is well documented that organizations benefit from providing access to one-to-one or group coaching services to their professionals and leaders.  Apart from the sheer monetary savings and quality improvements, these organizations enjoy lowered conflict, increased morale and organizational loyalty remarkable in today’s marketplace.
Currently, 21-40% of Fortune 500 Companies provide executive coaching as part of their professional development curriculum and offerings.  The Personnel Management Association has reported that training alone in a professional development curriculum is far less effective than when combined with coaching- 22% improvement with only training compared to 86% improvement of skills and productivity when combined with coaching.
These same companies experience the benefits listed below. They have also shown that the Return on Investment of organizational coaching is six to one!
As a direct result of professional coaching services,
◦    53% saw increase in productivity.
◦    48% saw increase in quality and overall organization strength.
◦    39% saw improved customer service.
◦    34% saw a reduction in customer complaints.
◦    32% saw an increase in executive retention and substantial savings in executive turnover.
◦    23% saw overall cost reductions for the organization and its operations.
◦    22% saw increased overall profitability of the company.

How do I get there from here?

Coaching relationships are uniquely co-designed by the coach and the coachee to fit the individual and their goals. Coaching sessions take place in many formats including: in person, via telephone, via the internet and also in group settings.  In general, coaching relationships last six months to one year.  There are, however, some coaching sessions that have much more specific focuses and can be limited to shorter time periods.  And, of course, there are many professionals and executives that use coaches throughout their careers as a powerful sounding board and support structure.

Coaching is particularly effective for professionals going through times of change such as new management, individual promotion, organizational reorganization, realignment of roles or duties, stretch assignments and other challenges.  Statistics show that coaching provides an effective focus for professional development that other forms of organizational support simply can’t match, especially during these times of professional growth.

Does coaching create a learning organization?

To answer this question, we’ll consult the words of Ray Kroc:

“As long as you’re green, you’re growing.  As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot.”

If you or an individual within your organization would benefit from greater communication and problem-solving skills, our Coaching and Professional Development service may be right for you.

If you seek more confidence, increased presentation, facilitation and leadership skills, improved emotional intelligence, or simply a greater executive presence, contact us today.  We will partner with you to create the coaching program that suits your unique goals and needs.

Executive and Professional Coaching

Professionals often need support as they integrate into new roles and new challenges in an organization. We provide skilled and experienced individual coaching for executives, managers and professionals at all levels of the organization. Whether a team member needs help achieving personal or professional goals; communicating or problem-solving with team-members; or, refraining from conduct that is damaging or costly to the organization; high-impact and affordable, professional coaching sessions are available at The Circle Center. Drawing on years of experience in employment law, workplace mediation and leadership development, your people are in expert hands and will receive the feedback, support and practical skills needed to face and overcome their unique challenges. Contact us today at (615)708-7221 to check availability for a group training or individual coaching session.

Workplace Consulting Services

Does your organization have an intentional, custom-designed conflict management system? What does your organization do on a consistent basis to develop and support collaboration and cognitive diversity? Many organizations and leaders do not allocate time and resources for intentional workplace culture planning and development. These organizations suffer because they are not agile and are unable to respond to the rapidly changing marketplace and business environment. The costs these organizations pay is high in terms of lost revenue, lost employees, inferior products and services and failing customer feedback. The Circle Center provides expert consulting services to create systems in your organization to address these critical culture and development issues. Individual and organization wide assessments are available as well so you can chart your organization’s transformation. Whether you are looking to hire an embedded mediator or “ombudsman” to resolve conflict internally as it occurs, or if you are looking to train professionals capable of creating collaborative work teams, contact us today at (615) 708-7221 to get you on the track to organizational success.

Past team training and consulting recipients include:

  • Tractor Supply
  • Ingram
  • BMI
  • UPS
  • Belmont, Center for Executive Education
  • Scarlett
  • Vanderbilt University, Cal Turner Leadership Institute
  • Lipscomb University, Institute for Conflict Management
  • Bethel College
  • Tennessee State University
  • Tennessee Tech University
  • Baptist Healing Trust
  • Baptist Hospital
  • Lifeway
  • Brentwood Chamber, Women in Business
  • 1W1C, Young Professionals
  • Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville
  • The Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Nashville Conflict Resolution Center
  • Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation
  • Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Williamson County Association of Realtors
  • Women’s Council of Realtors
  • Nashville Bar Association
  • Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program