The Circle Center offers a variety of professional consulting services to fit the needs of your organization.

Succession Planning

Is your organization prepared for the unexpected loss of a quality leader or valuable professional? What is your organization doing to foster a compelling and positive culture that supports the retention of good employees and supporters? What are you doing to build your next generation of leaders and overall “bench strength” of your organization? READ MORE

Diversity & Inclusion

What value does your organization place on developing a diverse and inclusive work culture? Have you considered the many benefits of promoting cognitive diversity and open communication at your organization? Or, on the other hand, have you considered the costs such as turnover, reduced decision-making quality, lost opportunity and workplace error, that occur when a workplace culture is not inclusive and collaborative? READ MORE

Strategic Planning

When facilitated with skill and experience, strategic planning is a productive, collaborative process where participants contribute to the sustainable success of an organization. At the Circle Center, our experienced facilitators know that Strategic Planning is most effective when it… READ MORE

Team Building

Is your organization made up of cooperative teams that understand the importance of working together toward a common goal? Do your team members recognize and act upon proper ways of being together? If not, you’ve probably already begun to notice the negative effects that poorly functioning teams can have on an organization. READ MORE

Conflict Management

At the core of The Circle Center, our trained and skilled facilitators help leaders and organizations have important conversations in a good way. Much of our work has been with organizations experiencing conflict, whether productive or negative, and we partner with these organizations to develop effective, human-centered approaches to resolve conflict, harness its problem-solving potential and build collaborative workplaces. We work toward creating environments which enable managers and organization leaders to spend their time more peacefully and more productively. READ MORE

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching as a form of professional and leadership development has become a highly sought after resource by both individuals and organizations seeking the achievement of professional and interpersonal goals. Whether you are an individual who desires to become a more compelling and effective leader or you are considering a career move in pursuit of more personal fulfillment, working with an experienced professional development coach can be the guiding support you are seeking. READ MORE

Stress Reduction

You already know that stress in the workplace contributes to agitation, disorganization, and low energy levels among team members. You may have even experienced one of the many physical symptoms that stressed employees often display- among them headaches, tense muscles, upset stomach, frequent colds, and insomnia. But did you know that approximately one million Americans must call out of work each day due to stress-related issues? READ MORE